Dedicated Servers

Outgrown shared or reseller hosting accounts?
Does your business require the stability and performance of a high end dedicated server?
Starting a web hosting business and spending the extra buck in hopes to hit it big? (..and we hope you do!)
Take a look at our dedicated server solutions: fully managed, premium network, and the support to back it all up which means more money in your pocket.
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Our Dedicated Server Packages are designed around the needs of webhosts, corporate clients, and those with large community forums that require the available resources only a dedicated server can provide you. We place each Dedi-Dot account on a dedicated server of your choice, residing in a state of the art datacenter, secured and pro-actively managed by our in-house technical staff. All aspects and services of your server are monitored 24/7 - everything from service availability to the number of MySQL connections - we watch it all.

Need a more complex solution? Contact sales today, we can customize a solution specific for your needs.
Dedicated Servers
Package Name RAM Storage Bandwidth Price  
Single Processor / Dual CPU Core
Intel Dual Core Atom 330 2 GB 1 x 250 GB 1,000 GB $119.00 Order Now
AMD Athlon X2 5200+ 1 GB 1 x 250 GB 1,000 GB $125.00 Order Now
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2 GB 1 x 250 GB 1,000 GB Sold Out Sold Out
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 2 GB 1 x 250 GB 1,000 GB $165.00 Order Now
Single Processor / Quad CPU Core
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 4 GB 1 x 500 GB 1,000 GB $179.00 Order Now
Intel Xeon E5405 4 GB 1 x 500 GB 2,000 GB $349.00 Order Now
Intel Xeon E5410 4 GB 1 x 500 GB 2,000 GB $369.00 Order Now
Intel Xeon X3200 4 GB 1 x 500 GB 1,000 GB $259.00 Order Now
Dual Processor / 8 CPU Cores
Dual Intel Xeon E5410 4 GB 1 x 500 GB 2,000 GB $499.00 Order Now

Additional Features
Shell Access (SSH)SSH access is provided for users to fully control their dedicated servers & provide other user level SSH accounts if required. yes
Server ManagementBlue Dotted will fully monitor and manage your server for you. Let us worry about keeping services online, we'll let you worry about the important things, like growing your business. Fully Managed!
SLA Uptime99.9% Network Uptime SLA Guarantee. Please see our terms for full details, and contact support with any questions. 99.9%
Remote RebootIf you're managing the server yourself and need to do a reboot, don't worry about putting in a ticket - we offer you an easy remote reboot control panel. yes
24 x 7 In-House SupportWith both on-site and remote staff, we are able to handle your needs quickly and effectively. yes

Options & Extras
cPanel control panel $30 per month
Additional StorageMany hard drive configurations available. Please contact sales for information on additional drives and RAID options. Contact us
/28 IP Block (14 Usable IPs) $15 per month
Additional BandwidthLarger amounts of bandwidth available to all clients, please discuss your needs with sales. $15 per 25GB
NAS BackupFull network attached storage options are available to all of our clients. Additional charges appy, please contact sales. Call for pricing
Fantastico!The ultimate one click software installer, provided free with every account. Simply pick an application from the long list of available software, and click to install. Painless. $5 per month